Sleep difficulty, stress management and work-related issues

If you are feeling stressed and having sleepless nights, the red flag is right here. Sometimes, we are so used to living a stressful life that we don’t realize its detrimental impact upon our physical, mental, and psychosocial health. Other symptoms include lack of concentration, poor hygiene and grooming, head pains, frequent sweating and weight loss or gain.

The Wise Mind is committed to helping you better manage your stress, combatting sleeping difficulties and overwhelmed emotional states. If stress is not managed in time it can give rise to chronic illnesses, heart problems, depression.

However, through counselling and guidance The Wise Mind can help find ways to manage your stress proactively devising a support plan for you that will help you live life happily. Our Adelaide Psychologist work with you to identify the root cause of your stress and the factors that are affecting your mental health the most. We are equipped with experience, and have knowledge to help you revive yourself, take control of your life and feel motivated at every stage of the journey.

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