Gottman Method Couples Therapy

Relationship Counselling

The Wise Mind Psychotherapy & Counselling Practice offers Gottman Method Couples Therapy. It is considered to be the gold standard in relationship counselling, helping couples (in both heterosexual and same sex relationships) repair, rebuild and rejuvenate their relationships.

This is an evidenced based, world renowned approach, developed by Drs. John and Julie Gottman in Seattle, WA (USA). Following more than 3500 couples and based on 40 years of research examining characteristics of successful relationships, they were able to predict with great accuracy (over 94%) whether a marriage would survive or have ended after 6 years. This research informed the theory of relationship functioning which underpins the Gottman Method.

Couples have reported greater relationship satisfaction after counselling and the Gottman Method may also be useful for couples who would like to learn better ways to communicate with and support one another.

The Gottman method begins with a comprehensive assessment of the strengths and challenges of the relationship through both joint and individual counselling sessions. An online questionnaire helps deepen insight and understanding of the relationship and creates a unique road map for the couple’s treatment. It illuminates many positive aspects of relationships, including respect, understanding, fondness and admiration for each partner, while also addressing past hurt and betrayal, communication difficulties, and relational adjustments such as parenthood and role expectations.

 The Gottman method helps successfully strengthen intimacy and emotional connection, increasing communication and support for each other’s life dreams and goals/values. Developing these skills ensures a healthy and long-lasting relationship which is able to manage past hurt and conflicts and strengthen commitment and trust.

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