Child and Adolescent Relationships, Parenting issues & conflicts

We offer relationship and personal counselling to parents, families, children, and adolescents.

We are surrounded by different relationships and environments and sometimes there are disconnects or stressors that can cause relational rifts and tensions, and behavioural and emotional issues.

Parents may be occupied with work pressures, or stressful situations, and not able to give their children the time or understanding that they might expect or need. Age and cultural barriers can also lead to further relational conflicts and disagreements over certain situations and expectations.

School and other social settings can create further stress and conflict for young people, especially in relation to bullying, learning difficulties, gender or existing trauma.

Parenting issues, broken relationships and child and adolescent problems can lead to issues such as aggression, low self-esteem, inappropriate behaviours and poor mental health outcomes.

Whatever the scenario may be, our mental health and counselling experts can help you find good solutions. Through psychotherapy and counselling we provide a deepened understanding of situations and the people close to you to inform future decisions and actions made within these relationships and environments.

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