Self-esteem, Self-Worth and Confidence deficits

Self-esteem, self-worth and confidence deficits are quite common when people start thinking that they are not worthy, which can happen due to a range of actions, behaviours, and situations around them. For instance, being always been questioned for not being able to get “that” job, not to perform well in academics, to be body-shamed for being too fat or too thin, or to be discriminated against based on their race, colour or sexuality can all give rise to deficits in confidence/self-esteem.

The Wise Mind assists their clients to overcome this feeling of dejection and realize their worth, because whoever you are, whatever you do, you are enough. We help you build your resilience in everything you do and develop this inner power you already have, through therapy, counselling, and purposeful strategies.

Low self-esteem and lack of confidence can give rise to isolation, fears of being criticized and judged, an inability to take a stand for yourself, attention-seeking and inauthentic behaviours, and embarrassment and anxiety about socializing.

The Wise Mind works towards developing strategies within a safe environment to boost your confidence and self-esteem, enabling you to become the best version of yourself, to realize your self-worth, to feel positive and independent.

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