Situational and life crisis

Life is uncertain, and situations and events like accidents, disasters, or even the massive COVID-19 pandemic, are part of it.

We understand that these situations can leave a significant impact on one’s life. However, the intensity and longevity of this impact varies and professional help can help with these crises.

Such life crises can lead to trauma, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders. The Wise Mind takes the cognitive-behavioural therapy approach to assist clients to find a pathway through these crises and stay in control of their emotions and actions.

Our therapists focus on understanding your unique situation and then tailoring our support services accordingly, teaching skills that enable you how to master the art of balancing and acceptance in life and to identify opportunities that help you grow and live a fulfilling life.

Acceptance does not mean letting go of what is happening, or minimalizing its significance or importance, but creating the space that allows these crisis to exist without the adverse reactions that incur the ongoing cost of your own mental health. The Wise Mind can provide these therapeutic supports and meaningful conversations.

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