As human beings, we are likely to get anxious in a range of situations and life events, whether it is before visiting a doctor, waiting for your exam result, or facing issues at work. However, feeling anxious, and having an anxiety disorder are two very different scenarios. When anxiety becomes prolonged and/or starts affecting your everyday life, relationships, work, or routine, it is best to seek professional help. Signs include feelings of restlessness, difficulty in breathing, panic attacks, hot and cold flashes, sweat, tightness in the chest, racing heart or chest pain, staying tense, obsessive thoughts, sleeping problems, and feeling dizzy, shaky, or sick.

You also might tend to avoid social situations that make you feel uncomfortable. Although we cannot always find the root cause of what triggered the anxiety disorder, there is no denying the fact that anxiety is curable. This is where The Wise Mind can help you to take control of your lives, let go of negative emotions, and accept the changes to lead a balanced life.

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