Adjustment Disorder

Although adjustment disorders are common in children and adolescents, anyone from across the life span can experience this disorder. Everyone has different coping skills, temperament, and is vulnerable to different situations. There is no specific definition of the cause of an adjustment disorder- only the implications that arise from it and help in its diagnosis.

The symptoms of Adjustment disorders can be understood as when the reaction to an event, a situation, or to a stressor is greatly excessive to what can be considered a ‘normal’ reaction. The symptoms, however, may be different for different age groups/people, in how long they last, for example, or how they affect each individual. Adolescents may exhibit behavioural signs, while adults may show more depressive symptoms.

The Wise Mind ensures the diagnosis of Adjustment disorder, followed by a comprehensive evaluation to understand the situation, the client’s development, and their emotions and behaviour, to provide effective, tailored psychotherapy treatment.

Our therapists use cognitive-behavioural approaches to work on problem-solving skills, managing impulsive behaviour, anger management, communication skills, and stress management skills as appropriate to the age and experience of the Individual, thus helping to streamline thoughts and manage reactions.

Please contact us if you, or anyone close to you, are going through an adjustment disorder. As with any other mental health condition it should not be ignored.

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