The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is valid across Australia and provides financial support to individuals and their families living with disability to access services through individual plans that promote self-chosen goals and welfare. Through this approved plan we at The Wise Mind are able to provide Psychotherapy & Counselling services. As a trusted NDIS service provider we assist in everything related to psychological disabilities or mental health barriers to help you lead an autonomous and fulfilling life.

Our support workers are experienced in working with people suffering across a broad range of mental health issues and therefore, under our care, you will receive nothing but expert assistance. Once registered with NDIS and your plan has been approved, or if you have a plan manager or support coordinator please contact us.

The Wise Mind Psychotherapy & Counselling practice is a NDIS Service provider and offers Individual Therapy, Counselling, and Psychosocial Recovery Coaching as per the table below:

CORE –Assistance with Daily Life (Therapy-related health supports)
Individual Therapy
Item Ref. No: 01_741_128_1_3

Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy and/or Training– Other Therapy.
Provider Travel
Item Ref. No: 01_799_0128_1_1

Other Therapy Related Travel Support
Individual counselling
Item Ref. No: 15_043_0128_1_3

It entails providing individual counselling to assist people in developing and implementing meaningful goals and gaining insight into ways of improving the quality of their lives.
Provider Travel
Item Ref. No: 15_799_0128_1_3

Counselling Related Travel Support
Individual Social Skills Development
Item Ref. No: 11_024_0117_7_3

This support item assists participants to develop their social skills for participation in community and social activity.
Provider Travel
Item Ref. No: 11_590_0117_7_3

Activity Based Transport - Capacity Building Supports
Individual Therapy
Item Ref. No: 15_056_128_1_3

Assessment, Recommendation, Therapy or Training – Other Therapy
Provider Travel
Item Ref. No: 15_799_0128_1_3

Other Therapy Related Support
Individual Psychosocial Recovery Coach
Item Ref. No: 07_101_0106_6_3

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching - Weekday Daytime

Item Ref. No: 07_104_0106_6_3

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching – Saturday

Item Ref. No: 07_105_0106_6_3

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching – Sunday

Item Ref. No: 07_106_0106_6_3

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching - Public Holiday

Item Ref. No: 07_501_0106_6_3

Activity Based Transport - Capacity Building Supports
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